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The Faith and Race Podcast is designed to help churches of all colors host constructive dialogue about faith, race, and the Church. Every episode has a specific focus so as to intentionally think about the intersection of history, institutions, scripture, prayer, race, and justice. The audio recordings will help bring the diverse insights and experiences of interviewees into churches, homes, and hearts across Missouri and beyond. For the first season, all of the interviewees are African-American Methodists from Missouri, each with a powerful story to tell. In addition to the podcast, a small group curriculum is also available to help guide groups to discuss the issues raised in each episode and what these issues might look like in their church or community.
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Feb 17, 2016

About Today's Episode: This episode’s interview with Dr. Arnold Parks and Dr. John Wright focuses on history and how it has shaped our world and our church.  Dr. Parks served as a sociology professor at Lincoln University in Jefferson City and now serves as the pastor of Paris Fork United Methodist in Fulton, MO, and St Paul in New Bloomfield, MO. Dr. Wright worked for many years as an administrator and teacher in the St. Louis Public Schools, and is a longtime member of Grace United Methodist Church in St. Louis. They are both published authors, and worked together to write African American United Methodist Churches in Missouri: A Pictorial History, published in 2012.

 For the accompanying Faith and Race Small Group Curriculum, see:

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